Voluntary redundancy

We offer a range of products and services you help you and your employees through the voluntary redundancy process.

Relationship Managers

When considering a redundancy process, you should contact your CSC Relationship Manager on 02 6263 6555 or by email at to EmployerHub@csc.gov.au.

Your relationship Manager will help obtain PSS or CSS estimates, and can provide advice on products and services to support your employee through the redundancy process.

For more information, see Relationship Managers.

Voluntary redundancy benefit estimates


PSSap members can check their benefit balance at any time by logging on to PSSap Member Online or calling 1300 725 171.


PSS and CSS members may need a written redundancy estimate. Contact your Relationship Manager to request a written redundancy estimate.

To ensure the estimate is accurate, you may be asked to provide new or updated information about your employee. A small number of estimates may need to be manually produced. These will take longer to produce.

Completed estimates can be provided to you or direct to the member. During periods of peak demand, we prefer to send them back to you for distribution.

Our Employer Support Desk will ring you at each stage of the process to keep you updated.


Members can also use the online iEstimator calculator available in the Member Services Online on their scheme website. This will allow them to produce their own estimate based on their most recent member statement.

Finalising the redundancy process

Once voluntary redundancy offers have been accepted, a list should be forwarded to EmployerHub@csc.gov.au which contains the full names and AGS numbers of members who have accepted an offer. This helps us ensure that benefits are paid as quickly as possible.

Your Relationship Manager will contact you to discuss any additional information we need and expected timeframes for final payment.

Supporting employees through the voluntary redundancy process

Redundancy packs

These redundancy packs contain redundancy FAQs, information on PSS and CSS benefits, as well as a Benefit Application Form for you to pass on to your staff.

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PSS redundancy pack 
[PDF 2mb]

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CSS redundancy pack
[PDF 560Kb]

Redundancy seminars

We can provide redundancy seminars for employees in your workplace. These are aimed at PSS and CSS members who are interested in redundancy information.

To arrange an in-house seminar, contact your Relationship Manager.

General super seminars

We run regular and free "At Work for You" super seminars. These seminars give members a better understanding of how their super scheme works and the options available to them. It can be beneficial for members to attend a seminar prior to a redundancy seminar.

For more information, see Employee training.

Financial advice

CSS, PSS and PSSap members can get personalised financial advice through CSC’s authorised* financial planners.

Once a member has a redundancy benefit estimate, they can make an appointment with a planner on 1300 277 777.

For more information see Financial Advice on the CSC website.

A number of the public sector employment agreements cover some of the costs for seeking financial advice. Refer to your department’s employer agreement for more information.

* Our authorised financial planners are authorised to provide advice by Guideway Financial Services (ABN 46 156 498 538, AFSL 420367.). Guideway is a licensed financial services business providing CSC financial planners with support to provide members with specialist advice, education and strategies.