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Posted 24 November 2016 1:01pm

Superannuation is a complex matter. It is closely linked to employment, so it is not uncommon for employees to approach payroll or human resources for some initial guidance, especially when first joining a scheme or considering retirement.

Because no-one expects you to be experts in super, as well as all the other things you have to do, we have prepared some information on advice and education opportunities for your employees that might be members of the PSSap, PSS or CSS schemes. Indeed, it is important that information or advice is given only by those trained and experienced in these schemes.

We offer training and advice services for your employees. Because we take pride in our nearly 95 years of involvement in public sector superannuation, we require that any organisations we partner with understand the schemes as well as we do ourselves. To this end, Industry Fund Services (IFS) is the only organisation that is officially partnered with us to provide advice services to your employees. Only CSC itself and IFS offers authorised member education and advice.

Financial advice and your employees

We have partnered with Industry Fund Services (IFS) to offer financial advice to scheme members. Industry Fund Services is the only organisation offer financial advice in relation to the public sector superannuation schemes that is an official partner of CSC.

While other providers may claim to be experts in the schemes, or even claim an association with CSC, none of them have the experience and knowledge that the planners at IFS have gained through their close working relationship with CSC.

We have partnered with IFS because:

  • advice is provided solely in the best interest of your employees
  • there are no obligations, commissions or hidden fees
  • IFS planners are trained to be experts in your scheme.

Planners are located in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. An appointment can be over the phone if your employees are located outside these areas.

Employees can simply call 1300 277 777 to book their first appointment. 

Member education for your employees

CSC also offers a range of education opportunities for your employees to help them understand and make the most of their public sector super. These are not just for your employees approaching retirement. Everyone can benefit, no matter at what stage of life.

Only CSC, and its partner Industry Financial Services, has the experience and depth of knowledge needed to provide the accurate and comprehensive information your employees need to make informed decisions about their public sector scheme. Other providers may claim to be experts, or even claim an association with CSC, but none of them have the understanding that comes from working with members and their employers every day.

Web, public and on-site seminars are run regularly throughout Australia. They are conducted by experienced CSC educators and are free.

Your employees can learn more about these seminars, including upcoming dates, at the scheme websites:

For PSSap members:

For PSS members:

For CSS members:

The 3rd Act

Retirement is about more than getting your super sorted. To help employees plan more effectively for their retirement, CSC has developed the 3rd Act – Freedom in Retirement program. This is designed to encourage and support your employees in taking a more holistic approach to planning for retirement.

The program offers free educational webinars and seminars for your employees.

Industry Fund Services (IFS) also run a free practical workshop on financial planning for retirement. As the only financial planning service partnered with CSC, IFS bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that can only be gained by working with scheme members every day.

More information on the 3rd Act program is available from

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