Cease members

Cease CSS members

Depending on the reason an employee is ceasing membership, one of the following forms will guide you through the steps you must take to process the cessation.

Important information regarding unclaimed CSS benefits

It is important that CSS members complete a benefit application to either claim or preserve their benefit when they leave the APS, to ensure that their benefit entitlements are protected.

When a CSS member is made redundant or resigns from their employment before age 55, they must make a valid election within 90 days of cessation. If the member is electing to preserve their benefit, the election must be made within 21 days of cessation. For all other exit types, such as age retirement, a member has 90 days to make an election regarding their benefit. There is no legislative provision to enable CSC to continue an investment on the member's behalf after they are deemed to have ceased to be a member of CSS.

There are several negative effects if CSS members do not make an election or submit a benefit application after the legislative expiry dates, such as potential loss of interest, and no option to be paid back-dated pension arrears to their date of exit. These issues are compounded the longer a member delays in claiming their benefit.

If the member is under the age of 55 and does not claim their CSS benefits, they risk having their benefit rolled over to an eligible rollover fund (ERF), as the benefit is considered to be an 'unclaimed' benefit. This has a detrimental effect on the member by forfeiting their entitlement to a future CSS pension. The person would no longer be a member of CSS, and will never be able to rejoin the Fund.

If the member is over the age of 55 then the member's benefit option automatically reverts to the default option of 'maximum pension'. Any part of the benefit that cannot be converted to a pension will be paid to the Australian Taxation Office on the member's behalf. The member may also forfeit their right to choose another option that was otherwise available when they ceased employment.

You should ask CSS members to complete a benefit application immediately when they exit from your Agency.

Cease PSS members

Please follow these steps:

  1. Complete PSS election to cease membership form [PDF 627 KB]; return to PSS via fax
  2. Ensure the cessation date is the date you sight on the form; your employee’s PSSap membership will commence
  3. Provide your employee’s personal details to Employer Services including payroll number, PSSap commencement date, starting salary and employment status; please email these details to Employer Services directly.
  4. Receive the PSSap membership details via email from Employer Services.

Read the PSS members ceasing scheme membership quickguide [PDF 203 KB] for more information.

Cease PSSap members

Read the PSSap ceasing members quickguide [PDF 211 KB]