Tips for case managers

Tips for case managers preparing applications for CSS and PSS invalidity retirement

Here are some tips for you to follow to help us process your submission sooner.

  • Preface all applications with a brief summary of the case. Head the case summary with the members’ full name and AGS number in capital letters and bold font.
  • Include a completed copy of the CSS or PSS Application for issue of invalidity retirement certificate (SPC) form
  • Ensure the checklist at Section D of the SPC is completed and all required documents are included.
  • Collate the evidence in chronological order – earliest to latest. Do not collate by file order and do not group by divisions such as specialists’ reports or rehab report.
  • Present all copies of evidence in legible black print on white background, single-sided, loose-leafed, held together by a bulldog clip – not stapled or bound in any way.
  • Do not annotate the evidence by numbers and do not use tabs unless you are drawing attention to a particular document referred to in your covering letter.
  • Despatch the case in an envelope addressed to:
    Casework Services,
    GPO BOX 2252
    Canberra ACT 2601
    This will ensure that the submission is delivered directly to the correct area for processing.
  • Refer to the CSS and PSS invalidity notes for a list of the documents required for an invalidity retirement. These notes also contain:

    •   Help sheets to assist doctors with reports
    •   Help sheets to assist you with completing forms
    •   Information about Pre-assessment payments
    •   Information about Approved Medical Practitioners (AMP).